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About Alex Benjamin 

Hey - my name is Alex Benjamin, and I am a personal trainer and nutritional advisor based in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire.

Despite the challenges of launching my personal training & fitness business in July 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, it gave me the opportunity to pass on my passion to fitness and health to others.


I knew the importance of keeping fit and healthy as data and studies have proven a clear link between obesity and covid related deaths.


I decided that work and pleasure can go together so this prompted me to create my own fully studio gym. I wanted my own gym so that I could offer a totally bespoke service to my clients that you won’t find in a typical commercial gym.

Although, I originally pursued property as a career by achieving a First Class Honours in Real Estate at the University of Westminster, my passion has always been training so I made the difficult but best decision of my life to leave the property industry and become a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor. 

I am truly passionate about my job and thoroughly enjoy passing on my passion & knowledge for Health, Fitness, Training & Nutrition to others.

I relish the opportunity of assisting you with your goals and training you at my gym!


My Overall Fitness Approach


Most people who go to the gym are simply striving to improve their physical appearance.

Whilst looking good is obviously desirable it’s really important to also undertake training that is designed to improving your overall physical and mental health.

Hence it is my belief that all ‘five’ elements of physical fitness 

-Muscular Strength,

-Muscular endurance,

-Cardiovascular endurance,


-Body composition

should be targeted simultaneously.

I advocate the fundamental role the diet plays in respect of client results and overall health and so regularly give advice on healthy eating habits and which supplements one should take.

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Why Choose me?

So why should you choose to train with me?

Sometimes it requires a dose of honesty to help bring about change. If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will always tell you what you want to hear I’m probably not for you.


One thing I pride myself on is delivering great service. Training a client for 1 hour followed by “Goodbye see you next time” is not good enough. Here’s what I’ll do for you:


  1. On day 1 you will receive an in depth face to face consultation in which we will review your medical history, existing diet and fitness goals.

  2. I’ll design you a bespoke cardiovascular and weights program which will enable you to take control of your own fitness routine and help you with progress outside of our sessions. My aim is to equip my clients with the fitness expertise to if necessary ‘go it alone’.

  3. I will calculate your maintenance calories and design you a bespoke diet that takes into account your physical attributes as well as lifestyle.

  4. I will be highly responsive to any messages and questions you may have regarding any topic diet or training related.

  5. I will be there for you every step of the way. I will level with you – This journey will not be easy and there will be down moments. You have my word that when things are down I will be there to help you get back up and when you do achieve success I’ll be there to celebrate with you.

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