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Alex Benjamin Fitness

Based in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire
Fitness & Nutritional Services

Based in Bricket Wood, Alex Benjamin provides fitness and nutritional services to help with building muscle, losing fat and improving all rounded fitness.

Please see below the full services provided:


Boxing Training

Boxing Training

Helps upper-body strength, improve hand eye co-ordination, improve cardiovascular fitness and improve mental health.

I have had the fortunate experience of doing some sparring with former boxing WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders. I continue to have regular boxing lessons from a reputable instructor. Boxing is a passion of mine and has improved my mental health considerably. My gym contains a boxing bag and an array of specialist boxing equipment that enables a highly effective workout to take place.  Our workouts will be highly fitness related but will also focus on technique.


Cardiovascular      Fitness

Cardiovascular Fitness

Helps increase efficiency of heart and lungs, reduces risk of serious disease and is a great way to lose fat.

My gym is equipped with a state of the art ‘Concept 2’ rowing machine and a treadmill which enables my clients to do measurable cardio. It is my strong belief that measurable cardio is far more effective than doing high intensity unstructured training such as circuits, youtube HIIT workouts, zumba, tabata etc. Measurable cardio allows you to clock a time over a specific distance and you can track your progress from session to session. If you are constantly changing up your cardio, it is really hard, if not impossible to know if you are getting fitter or not.


Muscular Strength And Endurance Training

Muscular Strength And Endurance Training

Otherwise known as weight training - Helps develop your muscles by making them bigger and stronger. Benefits include bigger and stronger muscles, a better aesthetic appearance and more overall confidence.

Most people who go to the gym simply want to look better. This means improving your body composition i.e fat to muscle ratio. The best way to build muscle is to combine the two main mechanisms for building muscle; mechanical tension and metabolic stress. So yes expect to be lifting heavy compound movements such as a bench press or squat combined with more isolation type exercises such as a tricep kickback or lunges. I will be ensuring that your form on exercises is perfect so you can progress safely and will be tracking your lifts from session to session to ensure continued progress.



Nutritional Plans

A healthy balanced diet will contribute to an improvement in overall health and greatly assist in helping you achieve your goals. The diet is fundamental to any fitness program and goes hand in hand.

From my experience, both training clients and personally, adhering to a training program is much easier than adhering to a strict diet. However, what if I told you that without a good, healthy diet your overall results will be severely compromised? I would go as far to say that the diet represents at least 70% of the overall ‘package’ hence why I make it a priority to ensure my clients receive full nutritional advice. As part of the full initial consultation, my clients will receive a bespoke diet in which their maintenance level calories are calculated as well as their macros (Amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats). 


Training & Fitness Program

Training & Fitness Programs

A well designed training program allows you to take accountability for your own training outside of your personal training sessions.

I will design you with a bespoke cardiovascular and weights program which will enable you to take control of your own fitness routine and help you progress when you are not training with me. The weights program will include the specific exercise and the number of sets and reps. The cardiovascular program will include the type of gym apparatus to be used with clear instructions on specific times and intensity.


Partner/Group Sessions

Partner/Group Sessions

Some individuals perform better when they train with a close friend/relative/partner. My gym is fully equipped to cater for multiple persons training.

I have extensive experience in training more than 1 person at a time. Sometimes individuals thrive on a competitive atmosphere and training with someone else can help you get out that extra 10%.

Muscle Strength
Training Fitness Program
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